sâmbătă, 13 noiembrie 2010


... of a man's hands... during a friends' meeting...

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  1. I will comment on the photographs first Adela.
    They are very good and I like them in Black and White.
    Second about the movements and the signs . Some people say that one can study the character or the mood of a person by looking at their hands and they way they play with them. Something like body language...
    I am not an expert myself.
    have a great evening and a beautiful Sunday.

  2. Woohoo! Hello Adela, this one is very interesting. Hands reveal so much, making a montage (colllage?) was a good idea. I wondered at first if it was a single person.

    This gives me ideas,,, of course! I will try to work with hands and see what I can get.. Thanks.

  3. -> Costas: Thank you! Have a great Sunday, too!
    Indeed hands are important... body language as well :)
    -> Roger: Yes, the same man... I guess you will work on a woman's hands study. :)
    Thank you!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. good thing you didn't study anything else... :))

  5. imi place. as completa la titlu 'dilemma of a married man.study':))

  6. Frumos experiment. Dacă le iei separat fiecare imagine transmite alte sentimente, o altă poveste, însă au mai mare impact luate ca un întreg.

  7. -> Bogdan: Oh, yes, I did! The eyes, the look, the smile... Want more? :)
    -> Catalina: Merci! :) De acord, bun titlu!
    -> M.: :) M de la Mysterious? Multumesc mult! A fost o incercare... :)

  8. I think you covered everything that you can study on a men

  9. -> Radu: You just think... :) But it is not everything, maybe 5% out of it... :)

  10. There's much in the world that you can't explain.
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  11. ce frumos:)
    cata sensibilitate:)

  12. -> Monica: Bine ai venit! :) Multumesc pentru comentariu! :)
    -> Dieter: Indeed! :) I will tell my friend! :)



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